How to View Recent Activity Reports of Your Surveys


The recent activity report is a consolidated report that lets you track activity across all your surveys. You can instantly view who took your survey and when, including their email address, IP address, and more.


Here’s a preview of a recent activity report.



The recent activity report records events based on their time of occurrence. It also collates critical details like emails and IP addresses to help you analyze and strategize your remarketing efforts.


To View the Recent Activity Report:


Step 1: Go to More in the top navigation >> and click Recent Activity.


The screenshot shows the survey maker dashboard which points an arrow to "Recent Activity" under "More."


Step 2: Feel free to sort the report in a bunch of different ways:


The screenshot contains an overview of Recent Activity Report


1. Recent Activity: View activities for a time frame, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.

2. Number of Entries: Choose how many entries you want on one page.

3. “Sort by”: Sort reports based on Date, Time, Name, Email, and IP Address.


Step 3: Click the “Preview” icon to view a respondent’s report. You can also download the full report as an excel sheet.


The screenshot shows arrows pointing to the Preview and Download icons.


How to Delete Entries in This Report


It’s simple, select the entries you want to delete and click the trash icon.


The screenshot shows multiple entries selected and an arrow pointing to the Delete icon.


Please note that deleting entries will be permanent.


The screenshot shows a confirmation pop-up to delete the selected entries.


That is all about viewing recent activity reports of your surveys.


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